Here Are Ten Good Reasons Why Companies Are Using Instagram Stories

Any company’s social media plan should prioritise Instagram Stories.

Instagram notes that brand and business-published stories receive more views than those from normal accounts.

Promoting products, resources, or messages to an engaged Instagram audience is a breeze with the help of Instagram stories.

Raise awareness of your brand

You can tell when there is a new story from a person you’re following because their story will display at the top of your feed surrounded by a colourful ring.

Unlike ordinary Instagram posts, your followers will be alerted whenever you share a new Story.

Second, engage your target demographic and expand your audience.
Because of the nature of this feature, Instagram Stories play an important role in social media marketing generally and in the Instagram community specifically.

First of all, Instagram has the highest levels of user engagement of any social media site, so you’re basically receiving a free prime-time channel to use anyway you choose. Using Istagram Stories, you may have conversations with your target demographic in order to learn more about their wants and requirements.

Create potential new clients

Having a larger number of followers on Instagram means having more potential customers who are one step closer to making a purchase.

The benefit of Instagram Stories is that they are viewable by a wider audience than just your followers for the full 24 hours.

This implies that Instagram stories can be found and seen by users who aren’t already following you.

Get your brand-new product or service reviewed right away

Instagram Stories may be used for market research and honest feedback even before a new product is released.

Let’s say you have doubts regarding a feature’s usefulness or even the release’s aesthetic.

Simply go on over to Stories to poll your followers on their wants and needs. Start a discussion with a poll or question sticker.

Find new uses for old blog posts

By recycling old videos or blog entries, you may give them new life and establish a consistent tone throughout your whole online presence.

    You’ll have a better chance of being heard and remembered by your target audience, which in turn will boost your brand’s recognition and increase conversions.

    promote openness about your brand.

    You may provide your audience additional insight into the team behind your items by releasing behind-the-scenes footage.

    Take a group photo while on break, film a short video explaining the following steps, or provide some sneak peeks of the work ahead.

    Implement timely advertising

    Marketing in real time, with instantaneous responses from customers, is encouraged on Instagram Stories.

    To get the attention of your target audience on Instagram, develop a plan that emphasises timely posts about issues that are crucial to them.

    Posting a video report live from a sale or other event, for instance, has been shown to increase foot traffic.

    Administer Instagram Stories

    Instagram made Instagram Story advertisements available to all business profiles in March 2017.

    In order to get your adverts in front of the right individuals, you may use this feature’s targeting and reach capabilities.

    In addition, research demonstrates that marketers primarily utilise Instagram Story advertisements to boost link clicks and conversions.

    Instagram Stories advertising may be managed using advertising Manager, Creative Hub, or the API.

    Get more people involved in your Instagram posts

    More often your Instagram stories will be displayed in the Instagram feed.

      Instagram is a great platform to promote your business online, connect with potential customers, and grow a dedicated fan base.

      It’s already a really interesting channel, with the potential to get a lot of results for very little outlay of money.

      Avoid falling off the radar

      Maintain a persistent presence in your clients’ minds. If you keep in touch with them, they’ll be more likely to think of you when they have a need for your goods or services.

      Instagram Stories might be seen as a hidden weapon in this fight.

      The reason for this is that “one-third of the most viewed stories come from businesses, and one in five stories gets a direct message from its viewers.” – based on information collected within Instagram.

      In conclusion

      Use this space to tell tales about your product or service, to debate blog entries, to offer lessons on how to handle difficulties, or anything else you’d like the community to know.

      You may use Instagram to showcase your thoughts in a visual format. Create a personable brand by documenting your experience with Stories.