How To Launch a New Product on Social Media

Is there a new venture in the works? Did you know that you can already begin promoting your idea on social media while you continue to develop it?

Yes, you can!

Launch preparation typically entails drafting a press release and funding PPC campaigns. However, you are not required to choose between these two alternatives.

Here are 9 creative and low-cost social media marketing strategies to spread the word about your new product’s release.

Read This If You Want to Use Social Media to Promote Your New Product
It goes without saying that the first step is to create a stellar landing page. To consolidate all of your promotional efforts, you need a single hub page.

The pre-launch landing page you create should serve multiple functions:

Raise the stakes and the intrigue

Gather email addresses for a launch announcement.
The importance of encouraging word-of-mouth
Strengthen the credibility of your future website so that it can rise in the search engine rankings more quickly for your target keywords through link building.
In what ways can using social media be useful?

Involve your early adopters in spreading the word by including social media sharing buttons alongside the “Email to a friend” option.

It’s smart to restrict the number of invites distributed in order to accelerate word-of-mouth.

Make a video ad to spread the word

The days when only the most well-known and well-funded companies could afford promotional videos are long gone. These days, you can make a high-quality video on the cheap or even for free (if you give yourself enough time to learn the ropes). These days, all you need is a smartphone and some creativity to make a movie that will go viral.

As it includes everything you need, Animoto makes it easy to create professional-quality promotional videos:

Excellent pre-made layouts

Titles of free background music where you can overlay text,
Personal video clip hosting and editing capabilities

Participate with Influencers and Bloggers

It’s time to start recruiting social media influencers now that you have a landing page and promotional materials prepared.

Connect with key opinion leaders in your field and ask them to help you spread the word about the launch. Develop a variety of incentives to entice them to join:

  • Preview or access before the general public
  • Unlimited, cost-free access to high-quality resources
  • Open air display (site or email feature, etc.)
  • In what ways can using social media be useful?

You can quickly and easily get the initial influencers on board with the help of your social media connections. If you want to expand your audience, poll your current followers to find out who else should be involved.

If you find that you and an influential person share mutual friends, don’t hesitate to ask your contacts to introduce you. When you’re just getting started with your research, LinkedIn is a fantastic place to look.

Throw a Twitter Meetup

Twitter parties are one-time chats on the social media platform that aim to commemorate the introduction of a new website or product. A Twitter party is a great way to celebrate the release of a new book, but it can be used for any product or service.

Host a webinar before releasing your product

A webinar is a great alternative to Twitter parties for reaching out to influencers. You can increase the size of the pre-launch email list you’re compiling with your landing page by hosting webinars, which work very well for lead generation.

A webinar, a group interview, and a Twitter chat are all techniques that can be used together effectively:

The presentation slides can feature quotes from influential people who participated in your expert roundup.
Make use of the Twitter chat to invite additional questions from your audience.
During the webinar, you can answer questions live.
Allow those with sway to weigh in on the webinar’s topic.

Make a Fun and Engaging Test

Because they are so lighthearted and easy to take part in, quizzes are effective marketing tools. Given their ease of dissemination, they are also useful tools for marketing (when done right).

With Wyzerr, you can make quizzes that users will actually want to take. It allows for visual quiz creation with drag-and-drop functionality.


Crowdfunding is a fantastic method for capitalising on preexisting relationships, generating pre-launch buzz, and supplementing development and marketing budgets with much-needed funds. YouCaring and GoFundMe are two excellent platforms on which to raise money. Here’s a helpful primer on using crowdfunding to drum up interest before a product launch.

Host a Facebook-Based Game

Facebook contests, which are a lot like quizzes, have two main purposes:

This item is self-generating in terms of interest (People love sharing contests results in order to have more chances to win)
To take part in this activity is a pleasure (Provides you set it up properly)
Also, a well-run competition can increase the brand value of numerous aspects of a brand all at once. It can be tailored to increase subscriber numbers, page likes, Twitter followers, Facebook likes, and more.