How To Take Charge Of Your Instagram Profile

Since its launch in 2010, the popularity of Instagram, a social networking site for sharing photographs, has skyrocketed. It’s a simple and fast approach to sending photos and videos to loved ones. Instagram has also emerged as a powerful promotional tool for businesses of all sizes. Take your Instagram profile to the next level with these helpful hints.

Share Content on Several Platforms with Just One Machine

If you own a company, you probably have a public Instagram account and a private account for keeping in touch with loved ones. The good news is that you can update both accounts from the same device without having to repeatedly input your credentials.

Tap the profile symbol (it looks like a person) in the lower-right corner of the Instagram app to create an extra account. Once you’ve entered your profile, click the three horizontal lines at the upper right to access the menu. There’s a “Add Account” setting in the preferences menu. If you click it, you’ll be sent to a screen where you may input the credentials for your secondary account. You also have the option of making a whole new account.

Get Rid of Yourself in Pictures

Is there a photo of you that you’d like others not see on Instagram? Fortunately, there is a technique to remove any references to yourself from entries that you find offensive or inappropriate. Especially as a business or brand, this is crucial if you want to build a following on Instagram.

Go to the image that has an unwelcome tag. If you click on the image, you can see who was tagged in the post. Locate your account by tapping on the appropriate icon. There are now two buttons available: “Hide from Profile” and “Remove Me from Post.” While choosing to “Hide from Profile” won’t untag the photo, it will remove it from your profile’s “tagged photos” section. To get rid of the tag permanently, choose “Remove Me from Post.”

Reduce Your Mobile Data Usage

If you’re a regular Instagram user (or need to be for work), you know that all those photo and video uploads and feed refreshes may really eat up your data plan. Fortunately, there is a data saver option you may use to prevent wasting precious megabytes.

To access your profile, tap the “person” symbol located in the app’s lower-right corner. Then, in the top-right corner of your profile, you’ll see a button that looks like three parallel lines.

In the menu that appears, select “Cellular Data Usage.” One of the choices available to you here is “Data Saver.” To activate Data Saver Mode, set the toggle switch to the “on” position. If you have Data Saver enabled, the video won’t preload. Instead, you’ll need to manually instruct Instagram to upload certain clips.

You may prevent Instagram from automatically downloading high-definition copies of your images by selecting “High Resolution Media.” The app is set up such that high-resolution content may only be downloaded while connected to a Wi-Fi network. Optional values include “Wi-Fi+Cellular” and “Never.” If you’re serious about saving data, select “Never.” If you do this, Instagram will only show you thumbnails instead of full-size photos when you browse through your feed.

Remove Any Offensive Posts

The anonymity of the internet means that social media may be a terrific place to meet new people and expand your audience, but it also has its share of trolls. You may save yourself time by having Instagram automatically delete any abusive comments that are posted.

Select the profile icon in the app’s lower-right corner to access your page. Then, in the top-right corner of the display, select the menu icon (three parallel lines). To edit your comment settings, go to “Settings > Privacy > Comments.”

There are two switchable options labelled “Filters” under the Comments menu. One option is to “Hidden Defamatory Comments.” If you tick this box, Instagram will be able to delete any comments it considers offensive automatically. There’s another dial here called “Manual Filter.” If you turn this feature on, you’ll be able to enter terms and phrases that you think Instagram should flag as objectionable.

Save Previous Messages

You may unstick one image from a post without erasing the whole thing if it no longer fits in with your feed’s aesthetic. If you want your Instagram to seem more polished, you can take use of the option to archive posts.

Instagram users may hide photos that no longer belong in their feed by pressing on the thumbnails of such photos in their profile. Then, choose the menu by pressing the icon with the three dots. You’ll find this in the screen’s upper right corner. In the resulting drop-down menu, select “Archive.” If you click that, the article will disappear from your feed and be saved in your archive. You may see your past updates (and articles) by going to your profile, clicking the menu button, and selecting “Archive.”

To access the menu, choose the three vertical dots in the upper right corner of your profile. Doing so will bring up a selection of options. Select “Settings” from the drop-down menu by tapping the gear symbol ( ). Proceed to the following menu and pick “Security.” In the end, select “Clear Search History” to erase all previous queries. Keep in mind, though, that doing so will prohibit Instagram from auto-filling search phrases in the future.