Everything You Need To Know: Instagram Reels Insights

Want to improve your Instagram highlight reels? Curious as to how the measurements and statistics offered by Reels can help you determine success?

This post will teach you how to optimise the quality of your Instagram Reels by analysing the data collected from your audience.

Info on Instagram Reels: Where to Look

The Instagram analytics featured in Meta’s browser-based capabilities may interest you if you typically generate social media reports on a desktop computer.
If you access your Instagram account from a desktop browser, you can view your content by clicking on the Reels tab. The Reels tab displays visuals that might help you locate widely used reels. Likes and comments can be tallied for individual episodes by selecting those episodes. However, you will be unable to view additional information regarding your reels.

There isn’t much more to do in Creator Studio. You may access your Instagram posts using the Posts section of Creator Studio’s content library. The platform does not include a dedicated Reels option, but all of your short-form video may be found under the Video section of your profile. The only stats available for reels are likes and comments.

Methods for Producing Useful Instagram Reel Data

What can you do with all this information now that you’ve discovered your Instagram Reels analytics? Let’s discuss how to make sense of these findings and use them into your plan for short-form video.

Measurements for Instagram Reels at the Account Level

Click the Insights icon that appears beneath your bio on Instagram to obtain an overview of your account. Metrics from the previous week are displayed automatically, and a comparison to the prior week is also shown.

You can get a good feel for the status of your account using this information. You may see if your account’s performance has been stable week to week and be notified of any unusual fluctuations.

Analyse Instagram Reel KPIs on a Weekly, Monthly, and Quarterly Basis

It’s easier to notice trends and problems in the basic 7-day summary before they skew your data for the entire month. In the account below, for instance, reach is fairly consistent from week to week, but engagement on Instagram has decreased, prompting further investigation.

Examine the Influence of Instagram Stories

You may obtain reach analytics by tapping Accounts Reached on the Overview screen, regardless of the time period you wish to study. Below you’ll find a breakdown of who saw your material, both as followers and as non-followers.

You want your reels to appeal to both types of viewers. People who are already familiar with your brand and may be paying clients can be attracted to your business through your followers. Brand recognition can grow even more by engaging with people who aren’t already familiar with your product.

Examine the Impact of Instagram Highlight Reels

To go back to the Instagram Insights summary, tap the back arrow. The next step is to check out your engagement statistics by visiting Accounts Engaged. This section presents a similar breakdown, this time contrasting the percentage of engaged followers with that of non-followers.

Again, this information is useful for gauging your reach your current audience. However, the number of people that engaged with your content is more indicative of overall interest than the reach breakdown.

Measurements of Instagram Reels’ Individual Posts’ Content

The Overview section and your profile’s Reels page are where you’ll find information about your top and bottom performing reels, respectively. Let’s take a look at the metrics we have at our disposal.

Analyse Instagram’s Plays and Reaches in Film Clips

You reel’s reach is the total number of people who viewed it in their feed, in the Reels feed, or on the Explore tab. How many people have watched at least part of your reel is represented by the number of “plays.” This closeness of results is to be expected in some circumstances. However, if one is significantly greater than the other, you might learn something useful.

Five Suggestions for Putting Instagram Reels Data to Work

You can learn a lot about your audience and the success of your campaigns by studying the data in Reels Insights at both the account and content levels. Create fresh reels as a way to try out your ideas and evaluate their efficacy. The following are some suggestions:

  • Try out a few different formats until you find the one that works best for your target demographic. Check the Reels stream for a clip containing a cut sequence that complements one of your ideas. Select the option to put your own video into the template. Do you like any of these? Your own reel serves as a template you can use again and again.
  • Add more or other kinds of interactive stickers to your project. Poll, quiz, and emoji stickers can be added to reels to increase viewer participation. To get the conversation going visually, you may use the “add yours” sticker to ask your followers to share something they’ve created.
  • Create a new sound by blending in music. Most people watch reels with the sound on, and most reels have sound. Due to the limited nature of the in-app music options available to corporate customers, some imagination may be required. You may either make your own sounds, use sounds from other apps, or combine the two.
  • Play around with different reel lengths. 15 or 30 second clips are ideal lengths for entertaining reels, but larger reels still have lots of applications. For in-depth lectures, behind-the-scenes tours, or interviews with team members, a 90-second film could be useful.
  • Figure out when is ideal to upload reels. Take a look at your most successful reels and make a note of when they were released. Find out when your audience is most engaged by seeing their follower insights. Observe when the other brands in your industry usually post. Then, try out a few time periods that make sense based on these indicators.