How to Increase Instagram Story Views Using Polls?

The interactive element of Instagram polls from brands and content creators has made them popular among users. Polls are a fun and interactive method to get people involved, whether it’s to share their thoughts or check out the outcomes. Instagram polls are a terrific tool for businesses who want to learn more about their audience and encourage more interaction from their followers. They become considerably more invested in your brand when you open up a dialogue with your audience and invite them to join your social media community.

If you’re having trouble thinking of innovative questions to ask in your Instagram Stories polls, here are some to get you started.

Instagram Polls: How to Make One?

The good news is that a poll is a quick and easy approach to get more people involved with your Instagram feed. Following these simple guidelines, you can make your own Instagram poll in no time.

Choose the “+” button at the screen’s bottom to access Instagram Stories.
The next step is to add a backdrop to your Story. Your backdrop can also be a solid colour or gradient, if you so want.
Stickers become available when you’ve chosen a backdrop and clicked on the corresponding icon in the upper right corner. Choose ‘poll’ from the stickers menu.
In this way, you may add a poll sticker to any section of your Story. You may ask a question and specify how your followers should respond in your poll. The yes/no choices are flexible and may be altered.
As a last step, share the results of your poll.
By sliding up on your Story after you’ve posted your poll, you’ll be able to check how your followers voted.

Concepts for Instagram Polls by Brands

Making an Instagram poll that speaks to your audience and gets them to participate is a breeze. You may learn more about your audience’s preferences and how to appeal to them by conducting more surveys. 

Inquire About Fresh Goods

Engage your audience by soliciting their thoughts on potential new offerings. In addition to getting people psyched about the new release, this will also reveal what kinds of things they are into.

Encourage your audience to wait for your next release or collaboration

Instagram polls are a great way to get your fans amped up for a new release or collaboration. A fun method to build anticipation for a collaboration or product release is to use Instagram polls in story posts to gauge followers’ interest in working with you or purchasing something new. Get them talking by giving them hints about what’s to come.

Advertise Recent Posts or Videos

Instagram polls are a terrific method to drive traffic to your website, other social media pages, and videos. In order to promote an external article or video within a Story, you may poll your followers on a topic relating to the information you’re sharing.

Get Out More Information About Your Fans

Taking polls on Instagram may teach you a lot about your audience’s habits and preferences. Inquiring as to their preferences in terms of content, frequency of use, estimated time spent each session, etc., can provide you with essential data to help shape your Instagram content strategy.

Use Today’s Pop Culture to Your Writing

Instagram, in particular, has become a platform that is mostly used by those in the Millennial and Gen Z generations. Instagram users are interested in what’s happening now in the world of pop culture, so it makes sense to appeal to and engage them with stories that address timely issues. You might ask your followers what they think of one of Kim’s red carpet appearances by including a poll in your Story. Using current cultural references in your poll is a great way to get followers, maintain the relevance of your business, and demonstrate the fluidity of consumer preferences.

Formats for Instagram Polls

After settling on a question for your Instagram poll, you’ll need to choose a format in which to present the results. Different Instagram Stories may be created in a wide variety of styles and layouts.

Will it be a yes or a no?

The Yes/No option is always active as the default poll choice. With only a few clicks, you can find out how your target demographic really feels about certain items and issues.

Whether this or that

Using this survey, you may find out which of two options your target market prefers. Finding out what your followers enjoy and dislike can help you improve your future efforts.

Choose Oneā€¦

If you’re looking for a fun way to include polls into your Instagram Story, try asking your audience a “would you rather” question. In this method, you may creatively communicate with your followers by giving them a choice between two actions.

The Smiley Face Slider

To express their level of approval or disapproval, users can drag an emoji across a bar in the emoji slider poll. It’s a lighthearted and interesting approach to eliciting feedback from listeners.

Instagram polls: can you see who voted in them?

Once you’ve submitted your poll to your Instagram Stories, you can view the results and who voted. Swipe up on the poll to reveal the list of people who have seen that Story. When you click on a particular choice, you’ll be able to see how many votes it received, who voted, and which option they selected. Even if you highlight the poll and save it, you won’t be able to see the results after 24 hours.