Instagram Monetization Tips From A Professional Blogger

If you are a food blogger or aspire to be one, you may be wondering how you can make the social media platform pay for yourself.

That’s the truth. Instagram has become a major hub for food-related content sharing on the internet.

What methods do you use to come up with posts for your food blog?

Daily, I eat, sleep, and drink the process of making content. Starting with posting daily Instastories, I then go on to taking photos for gallery posts, photographing food, making videos for YouTube and IGTV, and writing blog pieces.

To keep myself organised and on top of things, I use a content schedule that I establish monthly. Every month on the first, I take some time to plan out the specific content I’ll be sharing with my subscribers.

I’ll make a video for YouTube, an ebook for my mailing list, an Instagram story to boost interaction, and a new dish for my site. By doing so, I hope to address my primary concerns, which include physical fitness and healthy nutrition.

Tell me about the three most effective ways to increase your Instagram following.

One must always be consistent.

Maintain regular appearances. Don’t post for three days in a row one day, then not for two weeks, and so on. This makes no sense. You need to commit to a routine. My daily updates are always timed perfectly for my sector.

My followers’ familiarity with my publishing schedule facilitates engagement in the form of likes and comments.

The value of content cannot be overstated.

Invest in a camera and a picture editor like Lightroom, then practise your craft.

Without engaging posts, your Instagram following will stagnate. These days, exceptional content is an absolute necessity.

Check out these 10 widely used Instagram themes and the steps to implement them if you’re having problems settling on a look.

Just hang around with others.

Instagram is a social media network, as obvious as it may sound. It’s true that you get what you put out there. Let your affections be known. Use the like, comment, and message features to build your own fantastic social network.

When did you first begin charging for posts on Instagram?

After a year of consistent effort, I was finally able to turn my Instagram account into a source of income.

In the beginning, I accepted free products as payment for articles and postings. When I initially began out, I was thrilled to receive complimentary things in exchange for photographing them for corporations.

I learned and grew new customer I worked with. In this way, I was able to increase my rates with each new customer and experiment with other approaches to making money off of Instagram.

What is the best way to initiate contact with potential brand partners?

Thankfully, I am in a position where companies frequently contact me.

Every day, I receive two or three requests, and because I am selective about my collaborations, I am forced to decline the vast majority of them.

Before that, when I wanted to collaborate with a company, I would send them an email or an Instagram direct message.

It’s crucial, in my opinion, to locate companies that complement one’s existing offerings and that one can wholeheartedly advocate for.

Prior to making contact, familiarise yourself with the brand. Leave comments on their updates, start following them, and introduce yourself! After that, drop them a kind and welcoming private note.

Have a polished media kit ready to show off your impressive numbers and highlight prospective partnerships that would be win-win for the brand and you to speed up the negotiating process.