Why Instagram Is Every Marketer’s Favourite Engagement Tool On The Web

Engagement. Is there any other term more coveted by modern digital marketers?

Most likely not. There are a plethora of articles outlining the various forms of interaction and why they’re important; we’ve published our fair share of posts on how to boost engagement on Instagram for commercial purposes.

But we won’t be discussing how to boost your personal participation levels today. Instead, we’ll go into the history of how Instagram rose to prominence as the premier medium for interactive social media advertising.

Thinking on the Go

There’s no doubting that Instagram’s success stems in large part from the fact that it was designed with mobile users in mind from the start. According to the most recent data from Pew Research, an astounding 77% of Americans now own a smartphone, giving them constant access to Instagram and other digital apps. If you delve a little deeper, you’ll find that 92% of Americans under the age of 30 have a smartphone, adding even more weight to those numbers.

Instagram has always catered to the “anytime, anywhere” mentality of those who use their phones. The app’s photo-taking and editing features encourage real-time posting, which in turn attracts a more devoted following that is more likely to produce and consume material often.

The mobile app’s clean design makes it simple to browse content, leave comments, and more, providing a superior experience than that of competing networks.

The Aesthetics Are Crucial

Numerous scientific investigations have repeatedly demonstrated that the great majority of individuals are visual learners. Visuals, such as pictures and videos, help us retain information much better than text alone.

Because of the primacy of visual learning, advertisements have long relied on striking graphics to grab the attention of consumers, communicate information, and serve as the primary argument.

Given the abundance of captivating visual content on Instagram, it comes as no surprise that the app has become so popular. If you’re using Instagram for business, you need to post only the most visually appealing stuff. However, the fact that you’re posting images rather than just words increases the likelihood that your followers will interact with your posts far more than they would with a text-only Tweet.

Operation and Power

Instagram’s high levels of engagement can also be attributed to its simplicity and young exuberance. Having the option to make postings public or private is reassuring in an era where individuals are more wary of sharing personal information online

Users can use Instagram for a variety of purposes, including personal branding, social networking, and maintaining personal relationships.

Because of its adaptability and user-friendliness, Instagram has become immensely popular among those under the age of 30. Even when other social networking platforms become stale or more difficult to use, this app’s simplicity and presentation of material ensure that it remains new and entertaining.


Instagram’s popularity among businesses, especially those whose target customers are young adults, is not hard to understand given the platform’s numerous appealing features. By creating content that makes the most of Instagram’s features, you, too, can enjoy unprecedented levels of online interaction with your audience.