Analyzing Your Competition on Instagram in 2023

In order to raise the bar for your own Instagram marketing, all you have to do is study the profiles of your rivals. It can tell you not only when to post, but also what kinds of material do best with your audience.

Keeping ahead of the competition requires a well-honed social media strategy, and analysing the Instagram accounts of competing companies is a great way to get that plan just right. The results are well worth the time spent on it, since Instagram generates 10 times as much brand engagement as Facebook.

Why you need to do a competitive analysis on Instagram?

Let’s talk about why first, though, so we can go on to the how. Let’s break down the many compelling reasons2 why you should keep an eye on your rivals’ Instagram pages.

Doing a competitive study to determine KPIs on Instagram

You may get some perspective by looking at the Instagram accounts of comparable businesses to see how successful their material is. Setting your own Instagram business objectives is much easier when you compare your company to a successful one of a similar size and resources.

When settling on a set of KPIs to focus on, social media benchmarking is an essential step to take. Thus, if you’re wondering how often you should post on Instagram, you can just look at your rivals’ activity and extrapolate from there.

Finding inspiration for new posts on Instagram may be done by analysing the content of competitors’ accounts

Using Instagram to market a product or service is challenging because of the sheer volume of material on the platform. It appears that the platform has been completely exploited by all brands. Well, that’s not quite accurate. There may be too many users on the social network, yet a good tactic will still succeed. The trick is to determine what information will be most useful to your intended audience.

While it’s possible to solve the problem on your own, doing so might turn into a frustrating exercise in trial and error that eats up hours of your time. Examine the content strategies of similar businesses to see what sort of material is most successful. Don’t just blindly imitate anything that stands out to you; instead, use what you learn to inform your own, unique strategy for creating engaging content on Instagram.

It’s cheap and easy to analyse rival companies’ Instagram profiles

Due to the complexity and high cost of conducting a thorough competitive analysis, many businesses choose to hire outside firms to do the job for them. Yet, you may always give it a shot on your own, whether you run a B2B eCommerce site or something else entirely. Now, you may spend days or weeks completing it by hand.

Instagram Competitor Analysis: How to Get the Most?

With Instagram’s built-in capabilities, you can quickly and easily analyse and measure your performance against the competition.

The Instagram analytics tool allows users to examine the profiles of their competitors, do side-by-side comparisons of numerous accounts, and export data in the form of charts, tables, and detailed performance reports.

In addition, you can choose between day, week, and month views, as well as create your own unique time ranges to see the results for.

How can I maximise my Instagram presence?

Creating material on your own is an option, but it does not come without costs. The trial-and-error approach can be time-consuming and even disastrous.

Looking at what others in your industry are doing might provide you insight into the type of material that will attract your target audience.

Instagram: the ideal times to post

You should do what you can to increase your organic visibility, but how? The passage of time, obviously, is a major consideration here.

To maximise exposure and interaction with your intended audience, you need to determine the best times to post on specific days of the week.

You and your rivals have similar customer bases, therefore it shouldn’t be hard to find this information using analytical software. In this approach, you may fully use the social media potential of your business.

Instagram: how often should you update?

When does it become too much? How frequently should you update your status? Once per day? Several times per day?

Once again, we can use competitive analytics to quickly learn this information.

Find out who is getting the most likes and how often they post.

Do you have any recommendations for good Instagram hashtags?

You may increase your organic reach by as much as 20 times by using hashtags. It’s not easy to determine which hashtags will bring you the most Instagram likes and followers, so knowing which ones your rivals are using might be helpful.

The success of your Instagram marketing plan relies heavily on your ability to analyse the competition. You may use it to learn the who, what, where, and when of a situation.

It takes a lot of work and time to perform such analysis, but there are effective tools available to help.