Is Your Facebook Company Page Set Up For Maximum’Recommendations’?

Us marketers have understood for a long time that word of mouth and referrals are crucial to a company’s success. A lot of us use social media monitoring to stay on top of what people are saying about us in online communities like Reddit and TripAdvisor, which continue to experience tremendous growth. Did you realise, though, that this is also available on Facebook? Facilitating the process of being recommended to others.

As the’recommendations’ function on Facebook was so well received in the United States, it was eventually introduced in the United Kingdom. With this function, users may quickly and easily solicit recommendations by simply making a status update that makes it apparent they are seeking guidance. If the company in question has a Facebook page, users may see their friends’ recommendations displayed on a map and instantly choose which location is most convenient before clicking through to learn more about the company.

In the same way that word of mouth and referral marketing aren’t novel, so are Facebook recommendations. How many of you, then, have made adjustments to your Facebook profile specifically to accommodate the suggestions function? If you answered “well, me?” you can skip this page and go straight to our booklet on how to increase your Facebook likes. If you’re one of the “I haven’t…yet” crowd, consider these words of advice.

Maximize Profits by Improving Performance

Embed Maps

Since a large part of Facebook’s recommendation system involves placing ideas on a map, we need to make sure that the maps area of our page is functional. To do this, create a listing for your company on Bing.’s Amanda Webb explains in detail how to achieve this in her piece. Brand awareness and exposure will skyrocket once the infrastructure is in place.

Complete your Facebook profile completely.

You should, of course, include your website and firm phone number, but there are many other parts you may populate on your Facebook profile that are just as useful and sometimes forgotten, such as the ‘About us’ section.

Visitors want to know all there is to know about your company, including the location of your office, the services you provide, your business hours, and so on, as discussed by Kasia Perzyska in a previous Meltwater article (Easy Ways to Improve Your Facebook Business Page). This means you should provide them all the details you can. The “About us” area is where you may brag about how great your goods and services are. If you want your written material to engage with your target audience, you may utilise a social media monitoring tool to learn about important industry trends and positive themes around your company.

Successfully solicit five-star ratings on Facebook

Customers are more inclined to speak out about unpleasant experiences than positive ones, so it doesn’t hurt to ask for favourable feedback. To motivate this, you may hold a contest.

Advocates can be found through social media monitoring.

The true brand advocates stand out from the crowd because they promote your company without being asked to. Finding brand advocates in a sea of noise is easier with a social media monitoring tool like Meltwater. You may show your appreciation by rewarding their continued patronage in the future.

Analyzing suggestions and return on investment via social media monitoring

And how can you know whether the time you spent optimising your Facebook profile was worthwhile? Measuring and understanding return on investment (ROI) may be done with the help of a social media monitoring tool by comparing indicators like exposure and share of voice before and after optimization. If you want to know what your audience values most about you, you may do a thematic search of discussions and then emphasise that quality in your Facebook business page’s content.