5 Clever Instagram Stories Ideas

The variety of posts you may share on Instagram is one of its interesting features. These consist of stories, IGTV videos, live videos, and in-feed posts.

Stories are likely the most distinctive and captivating of all of these post kinds. as you can put stickers to them and they only last for 24 hours. You have a tonne of chances to produce original content as a result.

Many people are already benefiting from it. Every day, stories are used by 500 million users, and 68% of individuals are interested in a brand or product after seeing it in a story.

I have thus put together a list of the top 8 Instagram story ideas to assist you make the most of them as well. I’ve also included illustrations of accounts that get it properly.

Engage your audience

Instagram has a few story stickers that make it simple for you to engage your followers. These include the “Questions” sticker, which allows users to pose a query and request fan responses, and the “Polls” sticker, which allows users to select one of two possible responses.

These 2 stickers can be used as a lighthearted method to engage followers or as a tool for audience research and analysis so that you can distribute material that appeals to them. This Netflix original was one of the most interactive stories I have ever read.

KJ Apa, an actor from the The Last Summer series on their platform, was invited to participate in this tale series.

They persuaded him to tell a tale. He told the audience there that they will be able to choose between two workouts. It would take 20 minutes to vote.

Create lengthier videos that are stories

The fact that each video on Instagram can only be 60 seconds long is a drawback. A carousel post can contain up to 10 videos and be up to 600 seconds long (10 minutes). This won’t always be enough, and turning one of the slides into an image will take longer.

IGTV is one method to publish longer videos, but since so few people use it, you can’t be sure that you will generate the same levels of engagement there.

Publishing it as a story would be a better alternative. Only 15 seconds can be spent on a tale, but there is no restriction on the amount of slides that can be included. So, you can break up a tremendously long video into smaller chunks and publish it as a single story. The recipe video from Serious Eats below serves as an example.

Make a catalogue of the products

Only 150 characters can be used in your Instagram bio. That ought to be sufficient to provide people a brief introduction to you and an invitation to follow you or click the link in your bio.

As a result, you ought to make an Instagram stories highlight similar to this one from Kookai if you want to inform people more about your products and where to find them.
As you can see, this narrative is made up of their offerings from the Autumn 2020 catalogue. In the slideshow for the catalogue story, they featured images of several products and added links to the landing pages for each one. There is a call to action as well.

This is a powerful approach to advertise your business and increase visitors.

Since Kookai has more than 10,000 followers, they can include a link in their tales. You won’t be able to accomplish this if you have fewer followers.

But if, like Kookai, your store is set up with a builder like Shopify, you should be able to benefit from the Instagram shoppable stories connection they provide.

Describe how customers can locate your store offline

Despite the impression that everyone is purchasing goods online, just 16.1% of all retail purchases are made online. It typically only increases by 2%, but due to the current circumstances, it increased by 25% this year. Even yet, only 25% of sales are represented.

The majority of customers will continue to favour in-person purchases of your goods. This is why you should use Instagram stories to demonstrate to people how to locate a business quickly, as MVMT does in this example.
Then they demonstrate how to utilise the store locator to locate the one that is closest to you. In the narrative, they also include a link to the store locator on their website.

Allow visitors to have a peek inside your shop

Sharing a brief film or slideshow that takes viewers on a tour of your business or workplace is another approach to encourage folks to stop by. More people will be interested in seeing it for themselves if it appears to be quite aesthetically pleasing. Additionally, it can help them plan their visit by letting them know what to expect.
They offer a few images from their garden in this one. This will persuade prospective students who enjoy the outdoors to board for a genuine excursion.

Therefore, consider what your potential buyers would most like to see in a video tour and provide it. Like NYU, you can send images, but a video tour would be preferable.


These are some of the most imaginative concepts for and instances of Instagram stories that I have seen. As you can see, there are numerous methods to make Instagram stories that are both very entertaining and participatory.

There are other additional accounts that constantly experiment with fresh plotlines, stickers, and strategies. In order to follow the most active accounts in your niche and learn from their actions, be sure to do so.